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May 4
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Chased Through Lava by DerekRestivo Chased Through Lava by DerekRestivo

Facebook-Contest-Small by DerekRestivo 

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I've been spending a lot of time lately networking with potential clients and arranging paid work, so I made this mostly in my spare time to keep my skills fresh. The idea started as a quick Lovecraft-inspired speedpaint to establish a twisted landscape. At some point I added lava because a friend had asked if I'd do a piece with lava, and then the bat riders and fleeing woman were added at the request of another friend through my facebook page. Ever since re-watching the Heavy Metal movie last year, I've wanted to paint something with bat riders! As for the rocks and temple entrance, I actually kept returning to this piece to continue adding small details. I felt no rush on this painting, so I just had a fun continuing to rework the textures.
Concept-Cube Featured By Owner May 5, 2014  Student Digital Artist
C&C TIME Main problem i have with this is the lava doesn't look like lava the color palette doesn't really fit when i think of someone being chased through a lavascape i think of dark reds gloomy dark blue shadows etc the lighting's very weird no constant source etc. i forgot where i heard this quote (maybe one of Noah Bradley's series on environment paintings) to always keep your Lights Warm or Cool and your Darks Cool Or  Warm - weird to understand but if your main light source is a warm light I.E yellow keep your warm light like that (in your painting that's not the problem the problem comes in at shadows) Look at your painting it seems a little flat  because of the large inconsistency in shadows there's no cools in the painting except in the background which really dont seem to fit in a largely lava themed area now look at some  examples of how other artist treated lava and shadows……

another thing about this piece i think its a tad to busy Extending the canvas a little could help some
As for helping with the painting looking flat i have a few recommendations- 
A- Add more atmospheric diffusion( this would work well if you extended the canvas adding large mountains etc)
B- DETAIL UP THE FOREGROUND  seriously one of the reasons it looks so flat is it has the same detailing through the whole painting the foreground rocks should be much more detailed

Well that got long quick ... hope it helps :3
DerekRestivo Featured By Owner May 18, 2014  Professional Digital Artist
Hey man, I actually really appreciate the C&C, and I meant to reply to this a while ago but forgot. I think all your advice is spot-on, and I'd like to return to this painting to clean it up a bit based on your recommendations. You'll be the first to know when I do that ;). It's nice to get proper advice instead of: "the perspective seems a bit off". This is pretty much the first time online that someone has been so specific. I'm sure you know the feeling sometimes when it seems like you're hitting a barrier when it comes to what you should be doing based on theory. I haven't done much study in a while, so I sometimes feel like I'm hitting a wall - I know something is off, but I'm not sure how to improve it. As for the hot/cool trick, that makes so much sense, and I'll definitely be using that going forward. I just found out that in the "color balance" adjustment you can edit the highlights and shadows; I was only ever aware of the default midtone adjustment.
Almerious Featured By Owner May 4, 2014  Student Traditional Artist
Glad to hear you didn't rush this painting and gave it the it deserves, the end result looks awesome!
That, and the bat riders were a great add. :D
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