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Chance Encounter with the 9th Order of Beelzebub by DerekRestivo Chance Encounter with the 9th Order of Beelzebub by DerekRestivo
The idea for this painting was to try to kill three birds with one stone. First, death metal is one of my big passions, so I wanted to do a painting that incorporates a common lyrical theme from the genre; in this case I chose the occult temple. I love sci-fi that mixes lo-tech with high tech, and I keep getting asked to paint a mech/power armor, so I thought the inclusion of the mobile suit would be a cool way to add a high tech element. The power armor ended up looking a lot like the marine armor from Starcraft, which wasn't my intention, but I guess that's the result of too many years of looking at mech designs. The third element I wanted to include was a woman with fairly tight clothing, not because I wanted to sexualize the piece, but because I haven't had much practicing with painting semi-nudes.

Anyways, combining all three factors, I ended up with the concept of a female vagrant/bounty hunter (you decide!) in her power armor traversing a jungle environment. She then happens upon a hidden temple where a cult worships the demon Beelzebub. Choosing Beelzebub was a fun excuse to paint a giant fly skull on the front of the temple. If you look closely there are also some fly arms and a bat wing sculpture jutting out from the left-facing wall. I really like how this all came together; especially because I love painting vegetation and overgrowth (I was an environmental science major). For anyone wondering, I had some help with some custom brushes for the foliage.

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LaughButts Featured By Owner Jul 11, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist

You know, I thought the big guy's suit was open, and it was showing the seat. I was like "Where is the guy piloting?!"
Orpc Featured By Owner Feb 11, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Wow, man, this is really good.

I love the colours and and how you can always make a really strong atmosphere in your images.

Keep up the good work :D
DerekRestivo Featured By Owner Feb 12, 2014  Professional Digital Artist
Thanks! Interesting atmosphere is one of the main things I enjoy in environment paintings, so I'm happy to hear that sort of feedback :).
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February 11, 2014
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